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Jati Institute

Jati Institute was founded in 1994 in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and is today one of the most established private institutions of higher learning in the state, specializing in professional courses in accounting and business.

Jati Institute offers the highly acclaimed AIA accounting professional course, in collaboration with the Association of International Accountants, UK.


Jati Institute endeavours to contribute to the nation’s growth and development by being a forerunner in providing students an education which prepares them to excel in an ever-changing global marketplace.

In forging world-ready graduates who can succeed in a global setting, Jati Institute strives to:

  • Adopt a multidimensional, participatory approach to learning that develops students’ intuitive and practical skills, thus deepening understanding of the subject matter.
  • Cultivate a curious and outgoing mindset in students through exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking within an inclusive campus setting.
  • Offer students opportunities to further their studies overseas, and gain access to international job opportunities, through key educational partnership with overseas universities.


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