English Enhancement Programme (Level 2)


Duration: 14 Weeks

Programme Overview

As English language is the second language of our country and an important communication at higher levels, this programme will develop the students’ language skills and enable them to become competent users of the language. Consequently, proficient and competent individuals will be an asset to the government so as to compete in the global market of professionals. With the sound foundation of the command in English language, the programme will develop a range of soft skills (public speaking, presentations, debate, discussion, essay and report writing) amongst the students across the disciplines, and enable them to use the language in daily life as well as furthering their education to higher levels.

Entry Requirements
  1. Lulus SPM/ STPM/ O-Level/ A-Level; atau
  2. Lulus Program Asas/ Sijil/ Diploma; atau
  3. Kelayakan lain yang diiktiraf setara dengannya oleh Kerajaan Malaysia

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