School of Media Art and Design

The School of Media Art and Design (SOMAD) is a key academic leader and a ‘centre of excellence’ for the arts and creative practices in the region and beyond.

We focus upon ensuring that the students’ learning experience is contemporary and exciting, as well as challenging.

Our teaching philosophy is simple. Students learn through discovery, experimentation and hands-on making. We embrace the digital, and explore the value of the physical, in all the areas of a project development. Students are encouraged to identify design problems in real life and develop their own solutions through exploring all kinds of media that can be used to directly engage the community.

Our programmes follow the same principle of student-led projects, to ensure that our graduates are confident creative individuals who can solve problems and think critically. To facilitate this learning process, we have changed the learning environment, from a classroom based system, to a studio based system. Students work in the studio every day. They are given ownership of the studio, and thus take on the responsibilities of studio management, maintenance and décor.

The teaching staff in SOMAD are qualified with Master degree. The staff are encouraged to carry out research, develop their own practice, and share with the students in the studio and in workshops on a regular basis. This enables the students to learn from the staff’s own working practices. The areas of research range from analogue to digital practices in all areas of arts.

Joining the School of Media Art and Design, is not just about doing a graphics degree. Here you will explore all areas of design and be encouraged to develop your own creative faculties and design solutions. We believe in quality experience that will guide your creative career, and ensure that you are a life-long learner. We strongly believe that education should be fun, and that you would become passionate about art and design to be able to change the world for the better.


Diploma in Graphic Design

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